Case Studies

Online Procurement Platform

Online procurement platform allows an organization to automate the processes of purchasing and selling materials and maintaining an inventory of goods. Likewise, we provided a online bidding system to our client as per their requirements where bidders bid for their purchase and make a choice from the suitable suppliers . Bidders and suppliers execute the ordering process online, match invoices to materials received, and pay all bills electronically.

Online bidding systems are a widely accepted business model for the following reasons:
  • Flexible time limits
  • No geographical limitations
  • Offers highly intensive social interactions
  • Includes a large numbers of sellers and bidders, which encourages a high-volume online business
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Digitization of Labor room case sheet for Govt. of India & Govt. of Rajasthan(via an NGO)

Digitization of labor room case sheet in one of the best projects we have been involved in.The reason is not just the work we did but the social cause associated with it.This project was based on labor room case sheet management so as to avoid any mishappening during the entire process of delivery including patient preparation, relaxation and analgesia during labour, delivery, infant resuscitation, post natal recovery and observation.

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App Based Examination Tool

We provided an app based examination tool to our client .They wanted an online examination platform where students of different institutes with different domains can give exam on the same platform.The students can test their skills and performance based on the score card at the end the examination.It turned to be a useful tool for various test preparation, entrance tests etc.

We categorised the test in two modes i.e. Pratice mode and Live mode.Practice mode is just for the practice purpose and offers the test with no time limitation while the Live mode is for checking the aptitude of the student and has certain time limitations.

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Analytics/IOT consulting to Vapour Phase Plant

We have worked as an analytics consulting to our client from the leading vapour phase plant industry .They were in search of a effective solution regarding the working efficiency of one of their vital machine to get the optimum result.Their major concern was the analysis of the associated parameters coming during the functioning of the machine such as its temperature,rounds per minute,moisture rate etc.

We provided them numerous models and technical specifications on how the data of the machine can be modelled to improvise their overall working environment and take more precise and optimum decisions.

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