App Based Examination Tool

We provided an App based examination tool to our client .They wanted an online examination platform where students of different institutes with different domains can give exam on the same platform.The students can test their skills and performance based on the score card at the end the examination.It turned to be a useful tool for various test preparation, entrance tests etc. We categorised the test in two modes i.e. Pratice mode and Live mode.Practice mode is just for the practice purpose and offers the test with no time limitation while the Live mode is for checking the aptitude of the student and has certain time limitations.

  • Client Requirements

    • System should have details of institutes who are interested for this collaboration of having examination of different domains on same platform.
    • System should have details of students linked to different institutes who are interested in giving examination.
    • System should have two modes of examination i.e. practice mode and live mode.
    • There should be a timer available for Live Mode examination.
  • Challenges Faced

    • Time Management
    • Requirements weren't clearly defined.
  • Development Highlights

    • Updated technology and process being used
    • Skilled and experienced developers
    • Great development environment
  • End Result

    We provided an App based examination tool satisfying all the requirements of our client.

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