Analytics/IOT consulting to Vapour Phase Plant

We have worked as an analytics consulting to our client from the leading vapour phase plant industry .They were in search of an effective solution regarding the working efficiency of one of their vital machine to get the optimum result. Their major concern was the analysis of the associated parameters coming during the functioning of the machine such as its temperature, rounds per minute, moisture rate etc.

  • Client Requirements

    • System should have a record of all the parameters at the run time of the machine.
    • System should have start and end time of machine.
    • System should have overall runtime of the machine during a day.
  • Challenges Faced

    • Time Management
    • Requirements weren't clearly defined.
  • Development Highlights

    • Skilled and experienced developers
    • Great development environment
    • Updated technology and process being used
  • End Result

    We provided a system satisfying all the requirements of our client.

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