Digitization of Labor room case sheet for Govt. of India & Govt. of Rajasthan(via an NGO)

Digitization of labor room case sheet in one of the best projects we have been involved in.The reason is not just the work we did but the social cause associated with it.This project was based on labor room case sheet management so as to avoid any mishappening during the entire process of delivery including patient preparation, relaxation and analgesia during labour, delivery, infant resuscitation, post natal recovery and observation.

  • Client Requirements

    • System should have the patient health details such as blood pressure, body temperature etc during pre, post and current stage of the delivery process
    • System should have details of drugs given to patient during pre, post and current stage of the delivery process.
  • Challenges Faced

    • Time Management
    • Requirements weren't clearly defined.
  • Development Highlights

    • Skilled and experienced developers
    • Great development environment
    • Updated technology and process being used
  • End Result

    We provided a system satisfying all the requirements of our client.

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