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Infocorp Software Solutions provides solution for Online Examination System with all types of interface options required for Computer Based Test i.e. Desktop Application, Web Based Online Test Interface or Android App based interface for conducting online tests on smarphones and tabs.

  • Perfect Design interface
  • Support for Everyone

Hospital Information System

A hospital information system ( HIS ) is essentially a computer system that can manage all the information to allow health care providers to do their jobs effectively.

They manage the data related to the clinic, finance department, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy and also the radiology and pathology departments.

An effective HIS also delivers benefits such as:
  • enhances information integrity
  • reduces transcription errors
  • reduces duplication of information entries
  • optimizes report turnaround times


HRIS is based on management of the information regarding the employees of a particular organisation.The online system ensures to save the data about each employee working in an organisation such as joining date, bond period,salary ,working days etc. System is accessible from anywhere through internet.

System provides various functions such as

  • uploading employee resume & photograph
  • generating appoinment letter
  • generating salary data sheet for every month
  • history of employee increments and promotions
  • Records of Trainings
  • generating Leave Record

Online General Publishing Tool(OGPT)

Online General publishing tool is for publication of general entailing of several articles along with their associated information such as title, abstract, name, link to your website, copyright etc.We provide a tool where you can manage and publish your generals online and people can not just view the articles but also get the complete infomation regarding the general.Articles can be downloaded for free as well as through online payment mode.For this purpose,we provide online payment gateway.

Some advantages of online publication of generals-
  • Speedy publication is possible
  • Publications will be catalogued in database according to established standards in order to facilitate research.
  • Online publishing offers different forms of presentation such a PDF, Text editors etc.

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