Analytics & BI Dashboards

Infocorp provides advanced Analytics and BI services to relay business intelligence information. We provide BI dashboards which display data visualizations like charts and graphs with metrics that monitor everything from revenue to client interactions, scorecards, and reports.. One of our team member has received multiple awards for BI and Analytics work from companies like Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Our team has developed BI tools for International NGOs, GOI* and State* Governments. (*via an NGO).

Human Resources Dashboards

Human Resource BI dashboard helps you to identify bottlenecks and opportunities in the hiring process in order to improve efficiency, avoid lost revenue and additional costs by reducing the time it takes for the organization to hire new employees.

Financial Dashboards

We provide a financial dashboard which gives an instant visual representation of their financial KPIs.It allow finance departments to track and analyse the organization's expenses, profits and sales in real time as well as easily identify areas that require immediate attention. A thoroughly thought through financial dashboard reports can save your organization a lot of time and money.

Marketing Dashboards

Marketing dashboard shows how organizations can use interactive reporting to gain a better understanding of their marketing spend and results.It allow marketing executives to stay in control of their campaigns’ performance, identify weaknesses before they become actual problems and optimize their marketing activity in real time.

Project Management Dashboards

The Project management dashboard provides you an overview of team time tracking and management which can be monitored by client, team or team member. Team can use this dashboard to track all key success factors to project completion such as incomplete phases, costs requirement, time allocation, time left to completion, client’s changed requirements etc.

Health Care & Pharmaceutical Dashboards

We provide healthcare dashboard which gives an instant visual representation of their healthcare KPIs. It provides hospitals and other medical institutes to analyse and compare metrics like patient improvement, drug usage, physician allocation, number of allocated beds in ward etc. These healthcare dashboard reports will help improve operational efficiency and lead to better results and effective decisions.

Education Dashboards

Educational institutions have always a need for a tool which enables them to run sensitivity tests and recognize which programs fill/don’t fill capacity, what are demands for each program, measuring student attendance & detentions etc. In support, a BI dashboard as a reporting tool can assist in recognizing such programs with high demand so the institutions can manage as per their requirements and norms.